“Gedy is one of the best designers I have ever worked with. Finding someone with a good eye is one thing but wanting to take the time to understand what the brand image is and translate that to a design is another. Communication and follow through were excellent. My clients were pleased with the work and so was I.”

Dave Ojeda
REgroup, Digital Marketing, SEO, & Semantic Consultant

“Gedy is an incredibly talented designer and creative leader. I worked with Gedy both as a fellow designer and eventually as a direct report when she was Creative Director. She has a wide breadth of experience in all forms of traditional and digital design, branding and UX/UI. She is one of the hardest working designers I know. Her amazing eye for design, attention to detail and outstanding work ethic make her an ideal partner for any team or client!”

Andrew Chen
Brand Designer & Art Director

Gedy is an extraordinarily talented and highly-skilled UX/UI web designer and would be a strong asset to any organization in need of these services. I would strongly recommend her.”

Cheryl Parish
Marketing in Color, President & CEO

About Gedy

From a young age, Gedy León (pronounced “Jeddy Lé-awn”), has had a passion for creativity, business, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Originally from Puerto Rico, she moved to the Tampa Bay area at age 14. In 2001, Gedy decided to follow her dreams of becoming a designer. It all began on a borrowed Dell computer, operating Windows 2000, and running on AOL dial-up Internet, Adobe Photoshop 7 where she happily created graphics for nonprofit organizations, bands, and small businesses.

A few years later, Gedy became interested in web design and started working on small website projects in Microsoft FrontPage, Macromedia Dreamweaver MX and Flash MX and fell in love with the idea of creating graphics and transforming them into interactive experiences utilizing problem-solving and strategy.

Gedy continued to pursue her passion at the school of Google, books, blogs, and conferences. Today, she is living her childhood dream of being a creative businesswoman, crafting web and mobile experiences for clients all over the globe. She remains actively involved in the design community via social media, attending local creative meet-ups, and network and collaborate with other skilled designers. Over the past few years, Gedy's work has also been published in notorious web design magazines.

During her spare time, you’ll find her enjoying the Florida life, sunbathing at the beach or pool, attending festivals and community events, and exploring craft breweries and new restaurants. Nevertheless, her favorite past time is stacking up Legos and playing video games with her son, Peter, and relaxing at home with a cup of coffee while watching some of her favorite shows and movies on Netflix and HBO.